Shop. Earn. Get Rewarded.

Get your Delucchi’s Market Rewards Card at the store next time you shop by filling out the registration form, available at any cash register. You’ll be issued a Delucchi’s Market Rewards Card on the spot and you can start using it immediately. Every time you shop, present your Delucchi’s Market Rewards Card to the cashier during checkout.

You’ll earn a reward on your monthly purchases equal to the percentages below:

If your total monthly spending is $1-$199
Your reward** amount is 1% of your total purchases*

If your total monthly spending is +$200
Your reward** amount is 2% of your total purchases*

* Rewards are calculated on all purchases except for the purchase of Delucchi’s Market Gift Cards and other exclusions listed herein. Using a Delucchi’s Market Gift Card is eligible for rewards.
** Rewards are mailed 2 times a year to those that have accumulated at least $10 in rewards in the current year.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, at Delucchi’s Market, we’re all about rewards, not punishments. You’ll find the same low prices, every day, with or without the card. It is your choice if you would like to participate in the Delucchi’s Market Rewards Card Program. If you choose not to, you will NOT be punished with higher prices!

No, as part of the Delucchi’s Rewards Card program, we don’t collect item-specific purchase information. We do require your mailing address so we can mail you your rewards and your email address so we can email you an update on your rewards status each month. We also collect the total purchase amount (not the items, just the total) to calculate your reward.

It’s easy. When you present your Delucchi’s Market Rewards Card at checkout, you automatically earn a percentage of your total monthly spending. Depending on how much you spend, that could be as much as 2% of your total purchases!

If you earn $10 or more in rewards during a rewards cycle, you will receive it in the mail 4 – 6 weeks after the end of each rewards cycle. It is very important that you provide and maintain correct mailing information so you are sure to get your rewards!

Please note: Rewards are not redeemable for cash. Rewards cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Minimum purchase must be equal to or exceed the reward certificate.

Rewards cycles run for 6 months: January through June and July through December.

You can click here or call 1-866-989-3201 (Monday through Friday, from 8AM to 4PM). Be sure to include your card number in any correspondence.

You can reach the Rewards Customer Service Center at 1-866-989-3201, Monday through Friday, from 8AM-4PM. You may also contact us anytime.