What’s special about Delucchi’s Meat Department?

Why our cusotmers are raving about our full service meat department:

  • Fresh meats. Fresh is best!
  • Top quality and high standards in sourcing our meats.
  • Delucchi's meat counter has dry-aged ribeye and New York steaks avilable. Ages to perfection, this tender, juicy, and flavorful meat will turn any meal into a holiday celebration.
  • Free range and organic poultry.
  • House-made sausages.
  • Ready to cook/grill marinated meats.
  • Ready to go meats, by our warmer.
  • Need a special cut? Just ask our friendly and professional butcher.

Check out our meat department reviews:

“I stopped by this store for the first time last Friday, because I was looking for a store that had a butcher. I bought a filet and some vegetables. Service was great, and the filet was delicious. This is my new grocery store!”- Kimberly P. 

“The meat section is great. The prices are affordable. It tastes so fresh. My lasagna sure was yummy.”- Ana C. 

“The meat and produce are top quality and fairly priced. It is a joy to have a market in our area that is not part of a major chain!”- Lynn V.

“Bought a bunch of goodies for Sunday dinner, above and beyond what I weekly shop for. But this dinner was so above and the compliments were so numerous, the credit goes back to basics (meat, veggies, fruit and of course that sourdough bread) that Delucchi’s provided. So nice and so close!!!”- James F. 

"Excellent meat shop. They make the freshest and most delicious sandwiches. You can taste the difference. It's one of the best local places to get deli items and grab a sandwich." - Raj T. 

"What I uncovered was the deli and meat market at the back. The meat selection is great, but the sandwiches are suer, fabulous, amazing." - Tom P. 

"Staff is super friendly and always very helpful. Meat department is very good." - Kristen K. 

Come on in and shop in our meat department now!