7 Great Choices for Lunch at Delucchi’s!

Looking for a lunch spot? Delucchi's got you covered. Here are 7 great choices for lunch at Delucchi's. Watch our video below to learn more.

  1. Deli - Check out our deli menu filled with specialty sandwiches, or build your own sandwich.
  2. Sushi Bar - We have a wide variety of sushi, looking for something specific? Ask our sushi chef to customize your sushi!
  3. Burrito Bar - Get a burrito or a burrito bowl, you can even get it customized based on your liking.
  4. Salad Bar - Grab some read to go salads or request one made to your liking.
  5. Wraps - We have ready to go wraps, and fresh wraps that are made to order.
  6. Grab n'Go Area - Our grab n'go area is filled with a wide variety of meals from pasta, parfaits, fruit cups, and more.
  7. Hot Plates Area - We have warm food that's ready to go! Ribs, lasagna, spaghetti, steak, and more.

Quick, easy, and convenient!