Why we are better

We have employees who truly care about serving the community and believe in personalized service.

Our employees are like family, and the community we serve is part of that family. Front End Supervisor, Jessi, really appreciates the store’s tight-knit community. “We know many customers by name and their preferences, which helps us give them personalized service.” Deli Supervisor, Rhode, wholeheartedly agrees, “We just love getting to know our customers because we’re all neighbors here.”
But our team is more than friendly; they also know their departments well and can share recommendations specifically tailored to you. Our wine specialist, Bob, for example, is always ready to explain what wine varieties go best with individual meals. Teo, the butcher, takes pride in educating his customers about his different cuts of meat and marinades. “I even tell them how to cook specific cuts. I’m happy when they come back and tell me how well my suggestions worked for them.”
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