Why We Are Better: We have an on-site sushi bar and made-to-order boba drinks!

Did you know that sushi can be an excellent source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids? That is a bonus, but the real reason to try our sushi is that it is delicious and always fresh!

Sushi Chef, Win, is on-site until 1pm every day making fresh sushi and taking custom orders. Ask Chef Win to roll your sushi just the way you want it! We also have various keto-friendly, vegan, and gluten-free sushi rolls available for those with dietary restrictions.

Want something different? Ready-to-eat Donburi bowls can be found in our hot case. With your choice of tender chicken or tasty shrimp, served with vegetables and sauce over steamed rice, these bowls make a healthy, flavorful, and filling all-in-one meal.

To complete your meal, we offer Thai, Taro, and Hokkaido Boba Teas. Ready-made milk teas can be found right above the sushi case, or we can customize your order to your taste. When you combine the convenience of being able to get groceries and fresh sushi with a thirst-quenching boba drink, you’ll see just another reason why we’re better.