Why we are better: We are a family-owned and operated market

Delucchi’s Market’s owners live and have raised their families in the neighborhood where the store is located. They are fully committed to providing a supermarket the community can be proud of. Therefore, this time, we should adjust the tagline from “why we are better” to “why we will always work hard to keep getting better!”
“We are truly a family-owned market; we have even included our kids into the mix” one of the owners, Patty, reveals. “You can see my two oldest kids working in the deli, at the registers, and stocking products!” It is also not unusual to see the owners helping out customers or bagging groceries when it gets busy. One review describes an incident where the customer’s bag ripped outside the store:

“… the sweet lady at the register, Patty, came running outside and gave us a reusable bag, which was above and beyond awesome!!” (Edith D. L. C.)

The Delucchi family tradition at Marsh Manor goes back decades before Delucchi’s Market opened its doors in the fall of 2014. Richard Delucchi developed and personally managed Marsh Manor Shopping Center for many years. His daughters took the helm after he passed. Along with preserving the Delucchi name, they maintained his commitment to the neighborhood. It’s been hard work, but seeing the impact on the community has made it all worthwhile.

“Since these guys have moved into Redwood City, the whole dynamic has changed the area in a really good way! They’ve done some seriously beautiful landscaping work around the store. It’s really cool to look at while I pass by every day. I hope they’re here for the long haul because us locals love them!” – Dale K.

“Reminds me of the Italian markets in SF that my mother shopped in when I was a kid. A market with top quality food and service.” – Susan B.