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We are in 4 categories:


Retail – Best Grocery

Retail – Best Produce

Food & Drink – Best Sandwiches

Food & Drink – Best Place to Buy Meat


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What People are saying about our Meat Department:

“Excellent meat shop” -Raj T.

“Good deals and high quality in the meat section. I especially love their boneless rib steaks.” -Ronald W.

“The meat section is great. The prices are affordable. It tastes so fresh. My lasagna sure was yummy.” -Ana C.


What People are saying about our Produce:

“Fresh fruit!!  Really nice people- any question you have, someone will help you with a smile! And it’s not so expensive!”  – Lee T.

“Best produce, great customer service, very helpful managers, fast cashiers, very friendly staff. Amazing sandwiches and deli selection ” -Myroslava V.

“Clean, fresh, great deli and produce! I am picky and pregnant they have everything I want in this store!” – Katy H.

“A lot of the produce is organic, it is all fresh and when I went to chose a tomato, every single one looked perfect, polished and perfectly placed.” – Steve B.



What People are saying about our Sandwiches:

“Great sandwiches made to order. They have pre-made stuff too. Thank you Delucchi’s for great food and service” – Chad M.

‘I love your deli and my job loves ordering the sandwiches from the deli.” – Romona A.

“The sandwiches are customer-designed, ingredients are fresh and generous. Really good!” -Ronald W.

“They make the freshest and most delicious sandwiches. You can taste the difference. It’s one of the best local places to get deli items and grab a sandwich.” – Raj T.

“The sandwiches are super, fabulous, amazing. I come here at least once a week to grab a sandwich.

This is by far the best sandwich in this area” – Tom P.

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