Visit our New Play Area!


We have something new in store and people are loving it. Visit our new children’s play area!

Our mini play area is fully set up for the kids to enjoy. In our lawn you will find a giant cow bench and two giraffes. At the side you will also find some tables and chairs where the adults can sit and watch. Have a picnic, enjoy the weather, read a book, or just simply stop by and relax. 

We Caught up with some of our customers at the play area and here’s what they have to say:

“I am a nanny and I live around the corner. I take care of the children around the neighborhood. I meet up with the other nannies around the area and this is our meeting spot.

Ever since this play area was created, we have been here everyday. We just love it. We come here, grab a snack at Delucchi’s and just have a picnic!

Both the nannies and the kids love this area. The kids like playing with the animals and it feels safe and very welcoming. I have seen and watched the transformation of Delucchi’s Market and I think it’s really beautiful. They have come out of their way to make us feel welcome and safe. I love the changes they have made!” – Esther S.



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