Updates to improve your shopping experience!

What’s NEW?

NEW Grab n’ Go Section 


We have expanded our popular grab n’ go area by adding a larger display case. We now have more ready to go items for a quick lunch fix or dinner in a hurry. Our grab n’ go section is filled with sandwiches, salads, fruits, snack boxes, enchiladas and more!


You will find this new section 2 rows down from the previous grab n’ go section, near our deli counter. Check it out!

NEW Meat Department Refrigerator   
Our meat department has also been expanded. All packaged meats are now located in our new refrigerator across from the meat department. The previous meat cooler is now filled with marinated meats, kabobs, patties, marinated chicken, and more ready to cook meats for your summer BBQs!
NEW Spices Section 

We have also expanded our spice section! We now have a wall filled with spices. Choose from a wide variety of spices starting at just .79 cents a bag. This section is located across from our deli counter.
Even More Beauty Products
We have hundreds of new beauty products! Our newly expanded personal care section is filled with new shampoos, conditioners, lotions, skin care products, and much more. We have a big selection of organic and all-natural beauty products, too.