This is why we are better, our meat department is exceptional!

Many customers visit our Meat Department with a clear idea of what they want; some need more guidance. Our butchers are always happy to accommodate. Here are three questions that help them better assist you in selecting the perfect cut:

What recipe are you using?

Knowing the recipe helps our butchers make better recommendations. For example- are you buying ground meat for lasagna or burgers? For lasagna, you should use lean ground beef. However, 80/20 ground beef works better for burgers because it’s firmer when molding patties.

What cooking method will be used?

There are many ways to prepare your meat: grilling, braising, stir-frying, roasting, stewing, BBQing. Our butchers can advise which cuts of meat will do well in your specific cooking method. We do often recommend grilling your steaks because it retains juiciness and flavor so well.

Do you have a personal preference?

Do you prefer tender meat? Do you appreciate flavor, marbling? Our best-selling Rib Eye steak is flavorful but, for tenderness, we usually recommend Filet Mignon. Our dry-aged steaks score high in both areas.

Did you know that you can place orders ahead if you would like a specific cut?

Just give us a call, and we’ll have it ready for you!