“Excellent meat shop. They make the freshest and most delicious sandwiches. A little pricey but you can taste the difference. It’s one of the best local places to get deli items and grab a sandwich.” – Raj T.

“The prices are high, but SO WORTH IT!!! I always have the butcher give me a recommendation and their house-packaged meats are always on-point. I love that they have everything I need, and the store is small so I can get in, shop all the aisles, and check out in 15 mins.” – Jessica L.

“The meat section is great. The prices are affordable. It tastes so fresh. My lasagna sure was yummy.”- Ana C.

“This is my go-to neighborhood market for excellent produce, fresh sandwiches, and steaks. The prices could be considered high, but the quality of goods more than makes up for it in my opinion. Ask Bob for a wine recommendation while you’re in, their outstanding selection never disappoints.” – Jeremy W.

“Awesome deli, great produce, excellent wine selection at very fair prices.” – Frank M.

“The sandwich deli is great for lunch. They have gluten free bread and various cheese options (Swiss for the lactose intolerant).” – Samir J.

“A unique grocery store that has a fantastic deli and offers a delicious variety of products on their shelves.” – Jean Ann C.

“The deli has good sandwiches for fair prices. Would definitely recommend. Get the pastrami!” – John K. 

“Every time I go in they are friendly . The deli is off the hook. Vlad has perfect customer service, sorry don’t remember some of the other names but you guys are doing a great job. Keep making those tasty samples, they work to get me to buy those ingredients!” – Bill G.

“The ladies in the deli were extremely friendly and helpful, as were the cashier and bagger. The store was clean, and the produce was beautiful.” – Terri H.

“Go here at least twice a week for lunch.  Love the lunch combo.  Sandwich, soup and chips.  Everyone there is so friendly. Great sandwiches made to order. They also have pre-made stuff too. Thank you Delucchi’s for great food and service” – Chad M.

“They have really yummy sandwiches at Delucchi’s! So yummy.  I was greeted by a young Latina lady at the deli counter with a beautiful smile.  I asked her what she recommended since it was my first time today and she suggested some popular sandwiches. I ordered the Delucchi’s sandwich combo special with soup and a fruit. The sandwich was a generous portion.  I’m definitely coming back, good food and friendly, quick service.” – Roxy P.

“My husband and I were there today and decided to try the deli for a sandwich. They were both delicious and very reasonably priced! They didn’t skimp on the meat and the spicy sauce I had on mine was really good! They also had a gluten free bread which I appreciated! Next time I will get a sandwich card. The store has nice wide aisles: very clean, nice staff. Delucchi’s has a nice selection of regular items and specialty items. I get my favorite GF pancake mix here, Birch Benders, and got some carrot chips. Never saw those before in Whole Foods or Berkeley Bowl. Always looking for new GF snacks for my long commute. Nice new outdoor eating area. A great neighborhood grocery, Brings the small town feeling with high quality food items!” – Suzanne C.

“My new favorite grocery store! I went there to stock up on ingredients for my Memorial Day party. The store was clean and well organized. They had a great selection and everything I needed. The staff was super helpful, especially one young man who went by the name of HUGO. What a hard-working young man!! He helped me find everything on my list and even made a few recommendations which my guests loved! 10/10 would shop again.” – Jennifer M.

“This is an exceptional grocery store who values their customers. Abi, the manager went out of her way to make me feel welcomed at this store. As a new person to the neighborhood I am so glad I have started shopping here!” – Anne W.

“While all that is great, the best part about Delucchi’s is the staff. They’re super friendly, especially Vlad who is just about the nicest guy around. He’s always smiling and making conversation with everyone as they’re checking out. I really appreciate the product selection that Delucchi’s offers but I return because of the people who work there.” – Chelsea P.

“Great location, great service, great staff, and great food! We come here every day for all our groceries – it’s a true neighborhood market and deli with the large selection we need. Thank you, Delucchi’s!” – Eleanor B.

“The people who work at Delucchi’s are always so pleasant and helpful. They go out of their way to provide the best level of customer service. The produce and meats are top quality and fairly priced. It is a joy to have a market in our area that is not part of a major chain!” – Lynn V.

“The owners are locals (which I like) and the location is convenient, so I decided to stop by since the remodel. The produce was 1) way cheaper than even my beloved Sigona’s and they had a very nice selection of organic items and 2) very nicely presented and fresh. Since I mostly am interested in produce and buy whatever is in season/on sale, it was perfect. I got a couple of the bunches of the rainbow chard and a large onion and had dinner for under $3. Great place that has been very responsive to feedback.” – Isabella C.

“Best produce, great customer service, very helpful managers, fast cashiers, very friendly staff. Amazing sandwiches and deli selection. Good offers.” – Myroslava V.

“Great store! Nice people and lots of good food. The produce is top notch, and they have a good selection of specialty foods.”– Smitty H.

“This place continues to improve. The vegetable section is now excellent. There is an ever-increasing fresh selection here. The meat department is very good. The steaks are priced as select but often are at or near prime quality!” – Ronald W.

“I always come to their deli and pick up a sandwich. Try the “Produce Guy” sandwich, you’ll thank me later. It may be a bit over priced but always made with quality and fresh ingredients. The staff is always nice and helpful.” – Jorge M.

“Clean, fresh, great deli and produce! I am picky and pregnant they have everything I want in this store! Check it out if you haven’t already :)” – Katy H.

“Lot of creative and high-quality items, plus most of the ones needed on a Target run basis. Excellent fresh fruit and vegetable selection, very good deli–almost NYC in character. Staff is wonderful and helpful. Managers Enrique and Patty are outstanding and creative. Some items are pricey, but the pros far outweigh the cons. Don’t believe anybody who says staff isn’t friendly and helpful; I’m there frequently and I’ve never seen anybody be unfriendly.” – Chris P.

“Love this market. They have gourmet items you can’t find anywhere else.“– Regina G.

“Great local grocery store. Support local! They also have a selection of local, organic, and gluten free foods. Owner is very nice and staff is friendly.” – Traycee J.

“I love going here! Everything may be (sometimes) high priced but I’d rather be getting high quality products like meat and other foods from there rather than other places. My mom goes here constantly getting our food from there and she has made friends with Teo, the butcher! They work in the meat department! Love the friendly atmosphere! Go here for your meats! They’re delicious!” – MoanaLee N.

“Much improved in selection, quality, and pricing! The owner is definitely making an effort to make this store a neighborhood stop. We bought a ribeye and a mini pecan pie (excellent portion for $0.99). Will definitely come back more often now.” – Philip C.

“Good selection of high-quality products. Convenient location; always a place to park. Friendly staff and great deals on wine. I’ll be back!” – WinePro O.

“A good mix of specialty items, and basic daily products. The staff was very friendly.” – Rosa C.

“Surprisingly large selection considering the size of the store. They especially had a large selection of drinks, including Harney and Sons iced tea! I had never seen a supermarket carry this brand so that was a very pleasant surprise. The cashier was polite and even cracked a couple jokes that got us laughing. All around pleasant shopping experience.” – Hesham N.

“They have the best craft beer selection.” – Erin A.

“Bought a bunch of goodies for Sunday dinner above and beyond what I weekly shop for. I always get something from the deli. But this dinner was so above and the compliments was so numerous, the credit goes back to the basics (meat, veggies, fruit and of course that sourdough bread) that Delucchi’s provided. So nice, so close!!!” – James F.

“This store is right on my way to and from work. I saw their sign the other day from Marsh Road, it said Delucchi’s “Market” so I imagined something small like a convenience store…but I was surprised when I saw the size…maybe it should be called Delucchi’s “Groceries.” I am so tired of going to Safeway and having to wait in line behind 5 people with full carts.  Each time I have been to Delucchi’s there was NO LINE.  Yes, the prices are not quite as cheap as Safeway, but I am happy to pay for convenience. They have great deli sandwiches and they asked me “do you have a sandwich card?”  I said “no” and they promptly gave me one. A lot of the produce is organic, it is all fresh and when I went to choose a tomato, every single one looked perfect, polished and perfectly placed. I hope I don’t regret revealing the best kept secret in Menlo Park.” – Steve B.

“My coworker and I found ourselves waiting in line at our mediocre office park cafe, neither very excited for the sandwiches that awaited us. Quickly, we came to the decision to level up and go to Delucchi’s instead. The original reason for waiting at our average cafe was that I was lazy to drive the few minutes to the Marsh Manor strip mall (especially if it were only me), but it was so worth it. If you want sandwiches, beeline to the back counter of Delucchi’s, take a number, and put in your order. We both got the Florence St. Special, which is a splendid mix of Italian meats and veggies on sourdough baguette. Upon arriving back at the office, warm sandwiches in hand, I giddily sat down at opened up the paper and foil to reveal a fragrant savory panini. I’m a sucker for salami, and the salty sour cured meats held up well to the greens and garlic oil. The bread, a most essential component, tasted fresh and was toasted lightly to be crisp but not browned or too dry. Pricey for a sandwich at $10.99, but considering the scrumptiousness and far inferior alternative, I think the price was justified. I am definitely looking forward to coming back in the future–got to remind myself that it is well worth the short voyage! I have been here to restock on office pantry staples (e.g. bread) before and overall it is an expensive grocery store, but it seems like one can find reasonable deals on the sale items.” – Amy G.