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Almanac Beer
Available Flavors: Loud! Hazy DIPA and Love! Hazy IPA)
*local product- San Francisco
LOUD! Hazy DIPA screams with tropical flavors of mango, papaya & pineapple and has a crazy hazy mouthfeel.
LOVE is bursting with hoppy tropical flavors. Built on a simple base of Pilsner malt and rolled oats. Flavors of mango, cantaloupe, and citrus will keep you infatuated.



Sufferfest Beer
(Available Flavors: Flyby Pilsner and Taper India Pale Ale)
*local product- San Francisco
Flyby – Award-winning Flyby Pilsner is a champion for a reason: infinitely versatile and easy to love, this classic pils is perfect for sharing with your friends and teammates.
Taper – West Coast IPA is a walk through the coastal redwoods – the balance of blossom aromas with citrus, pine, & resin notes earn this IPA kudos for drinkability.



Make America Juicy Again Beer: Ale
Hazy New England-style IPA. This is all about bringing the juice back to American beer. This beer is brewed with no bittering hop addition, just whirlpool and insane amounts of dry hopping. That results in a gentle bittering and a huge, juicy hop profile. Vote Juicy!





Headlands Beer: Hill 88 Double IPA
*local product- San Francisco
Hill 88 is their double IPA and all double IPAs are not created equal. Theirs has an all malt backbone that lends a touch of sweetness to an assertive hop profile. And they use a unique hopping technique called Omakase-style hopping.



Modern Times Beer
(Available Flavors: Fruitlands and Orderville) 
Fruitlands is tart, fruity, & frighteningly delicious. The sour, salty base beer lays down the funky refreshment, while a heavy dose of passion fruit and guava turns the whole thing into a wall-to-wall tropical fruit fiesta.
Orderville is an aggressive, fragrant IPA that blends the fruit-forward character of Mosaic hops with resinous stickiness from a mélange of dank hops. The resulting beer is immensely rad, with an unmistakable bangin’ aroma and a fully saturated hop flavor and finish.



Ninkasi Beer: Tricerahops Double IPA
Double IPAs are all about the hops and Tricerahops is no exception. An earthy and floral hop profile define this Double IPA. Its bigger body and higher alcohol percentage balance the large volume of hops to create a beer that is flavorful and drinkable. At 8% ABV, Tricerahops is deceivingly smooth.