Rewards Card Terms & Conditionsdelucchis_card_isolated_trnsp

Use of the Delucchi’s Market Rewards Card constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions by each Delucchi’s Market Rewards Member (“Member”) as defined by Delucchi’s Market and ESI, our program administrator:

Delucchi’s Market Rewards are accumulated on a per household basis (maximum of 10 people to a household). Households are defined as Members with the same address and phone number. Transaction data including, but not limited to, the Member’s card number, transaction amount, date time and store are transferred to ESI, the administrator of The Delucchi’s Rewards Card program. 

Exclusions: Rewards are not earned on the purchase of Delucchi’s Market Gift Cards, cash back, or postage stamps.

Qualification: Reward amounts are earned on a monthly basis for a period of 6 calendar months (“reward cycle”): January thru June and July through December. At the end of each 6 month reward cycle, rewards are mailed to those that have a minimum of $10 in rewards earned. Members who have not reached $10 in rewards in the January – June cycle will have their current reward amount rolled over to the next cycle where rewards earned in the new cycle will be added to the roll-over amount. Reward values are set to zero at the beginning of each new year: at the end of the July – December reward cycle, all rewards equal to or greater than $10 are mailed, and all values less than $10 are set to $0. Rewards are sent via the US Postal Office; allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery.

Eligibility: Delucchi’s Market reserves the right to verify the eligibility of purchases and the household status of purchasers (such that accumulations may be limited to members of a group of individuals who are living as one economic unit and sharing living expenses). Delucchi’s Market and ESI reserve the right to terminate or suspend accumulations or membership due to fraud or misuse. Changes to the Delucchi’s Market Rewards Card Program terms and conditions will be posted to the Delucchi’s Market website. Continued use of Member’s Rewards card constitutes acceptance of any amendment to the Program.

Termination: Delucchi’s Market may terminate the Program at any time through written notice sent to Member via email (members without email will be notified through the US Mail). Member agrees that the Delucchi’s Market Rewards Card Program and any Member benefits related to it do not create any property rights in favor of Member.

Accuracy of information: Members are solely responsible for providing and maintaining correct mailing information. Members may update their mailing information by calling 1-866-989-3201, Monday through Friday, from 8AM-4PM. You may also submit changes via the web anytime. Delucchi’s Market is not responsible for Rewards that are not received as a result of Member’s failure to update Member’s mailing information.