Quick and Delicious Keto Pad Thai Recipe!

Here’s a quick Keto friendly recipe with ingredients you can find at Delucchi’s Market. View Miracle Noodle Pad Thai and more Keto friendly recipes at Miracle Noodle’s website.



Directions for Noodle Dish:
1. Rinse the fettuccine noodles well, add to a dry pan over med-high heat.
Cook the noodles until they dry out a little.
2. Add in the coconut oil and garlic, saute for 30 seconds, add in veggies and meat.
3. Give everything a good stir, turn heat down to med and cover for just a few minutes,
until veggies start softening.
4. Add in the fish and soy sauce, continue stirring until meat is fully cooked.
Add a touch of stevia if you’d like.
5. Turn off the heat and mix in peanut sauce and sesame oil.


Directions for Peanut Sauce:
Combine above in a small bowl and mix well. Add in the stevia last, a little at a time to taste.
If you need more soy sauce or lime, add more. It will be fairly thick.




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