Our Favorite Game Day Drinks!

With your local Golden State Warriors back in the NBA Playoffs, and the San Francisco Giants off to a hot start to the season, this spring and summer just got that much more exciting! To celebrate, we want to count down some of our favorite beers you can enjoy while you watch some great basketball and baseball with great company! The NBA Playoffs are set to continue for your Warriors this Thursday at 7pm!

Mac Drizzle Gold Beer is a Bay Area Gem! A Golden Ale with a variety of different types of fruity flavors!

Elysian Space Dust, sounds cool, tastes great! The strongest beer featured today packs a punch with a refreshing flavor!

Pliny the Elder is one of our best-selling beers in the store! Come and grab one to find out why!


Pliny the Elder beer is not only one of our best-selling alcoholic beverages in the store, it is one of the best moving items, period. This slightly bitter beer with just the right amount of hops is one of the most refreshing beers I have ever tasted. Paired great with any cut of steak, Pliny the Elder is the definition of a classic, timeless beer that you cannot go wrong with!
Mac Drizzle is a golden ale with easily the best label of any beer in our selection. Gracing the front is the late Bay Area legend, Mac Dre, donning the colors of our hometown Warriors. This beer has a unique flavor blending multiple fruits to create just the right amount of hops, this beer won’t leave you feeling bloated or guilty for having 2! A little bit of a sweeter ale, however still packs quite the punch! Perfect for gameday drinking, and decoration!
Elysian Space Dust is the strongest beer featured in today’s newsletter and it certainly packs the strongest punch of the three shown today! Elysian Space Dust is a suspiciously refreshing IPA that is great for game day! This IPA comes with a hint of orange, mango, and grapefruit flavors with a nice kick of bitterness for those who enjoy cutting the sweetness in their drink the right way! One of my favorite IPAs in the store and certainly one that deserves recognition as a great beer.
All in all, Delucchi’s enjoys bringing in a variety of beers and seltzers for all to enjoy (21+). If you have any suggestions or are looking for a beer to drink on any occasion, ask one of our great supervisors or employees and we can help you out!