Now Featuring Beer From Freewheel Brewing Company!

Now Selling Freewheel Brewery Beer at Delucchi's Grocery Store

Freewheel Brewing Company opened 3 years ago with the mission of brewing delicious traditional English-style Cask Ale. Cask ale is unfiltered and unpasteurized beer which is conditioned and served from a cask without additional nitrogen or carbon dioxide pressure. Traditionally, it is meant to be enjoyed in the pub as close to the brewery as possible. They have been incredibly successful in bringing thirsty patrons to their brewpub within Marsh Manor. However, people loved the beer so much they asked for the beer to be bottled so it could be enjoyed at home. Freewheel obliged and we’re pleased to offer it in our awesome craft beer section.

The brewmasters at Freewheel Brewing Company have bottled 4 of their most popular beers (London Calling Bitter, FSB, English IPA, and Stout) to serve a thirsty public. They hand bottle-condition these beers, giving them the closest replication to cask ales. It truly is the next best thing to being at the pub.

We’re glad to partner with our friends at Freewheel Brewing Company to feature their beer right here. We invite you to come in and grab some to enjoy at home or at a craft beer party.