New unique products to try!

We continue to bring in NEW products through our searches for what’s trending, and from customer requests. Check out this week’s new products to see what you might like to try!

The Living Apothecary – probiotic kefir water tonic

Available flavors: White Tea Lavender, Red Raspberry Leaf Ginger, and Honeysuckle Nectarine. 

The Living Apothecary is a Richmond, California based, women owned small business, dedicated to bringing health and nourishment to our local community through delicious, artisan, small-batch crafted beverages. They strive to make superior, sustainable and compassionate products that properly feed the body and soul. 


Way Better Tortilla Chips

Way Better works to pack as much deliciousness as they can into each and every one of their snacks. Why? Because they want everything you eat to be “Way Better”. That means starting with the highest quality, whole grain, sprouted ingredients. Then, they let the awesomeness shine with the most cravably delicious seasonings (always made with nothing artificial). Whether you’re craving the spice of Sriracha or the crunch of Blue Corn – when you eat their tortilla chips, you can guarantee it will always be non-GMO, gluten free, and way better.


Golden Cannoli – The Original Cannoli Chips

Golden Cannoli was at a tradeshow selling cannoli products, and started handing out samples of cannoli. The samples were being enjoyed so much by everyone who stopped by, that they quickly ran out. They started breaking the shells up and putting them in cups of cannoli dip, and The Original Cannoli Chips were born! What a great idea! Back at the bakery, everyone quickly got to work to make this new dream a reality, and bring Cannoli Chips to life. We now have them at Delucchi’s and we think you’ll love them as much as the people at that first tradeshow. 


Sustainable Indulgence NEW Superfood Cookies

They are redefining what it means to indulge by creating exceptionally wholesome and delicious handcrafted treats. They use premium natural ingredients to provide more than just the average processed snack. You don’t have to compromise your health or the environment when you integrate Sustainable Indulgence into your everyday snacking.


Nairn’s Gluten Free Oat Grahams

Nairn’s has been creating oat-based products since 1896. So, you could say that at Nairn’s, they really do know their oats. They also know the importance of keeping their delicious award-winning products as simple, wholesome and healthy as possible. The proof is in the taste. Their oats are packed with slow energy release carbohydrates. This translates to a more satisfying snack that keeps you going for longer!