NEW & Local Products

We love our community and our neighborhood. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for great local products. Take a look at these new items available now. Come on in and shop!


La Biscotteria
*local from Redwood City
*Featured Local Item*

The most traditional Italian variety, Anise Biscotti (biscotti all’ anice). The almond dough is lightly seasoned with the spicy seed of the anise plant, Pimpinella Anisum, and essential oil of anise, in carefully measured quantities. Dark Chocolate Anise Biscotti is created by being hand-dipped in a premium, blended, semi-sweet chocolate from Schokinag, Germany.

NutHouse Granola
*local from Richmond
*Featured Local Item*

They use as many California-grown ingredients as possible. Then they mix the recipe by hand in small batches, and slowly bake it until the richness, sweetness, spiciness, and saltiness balance out perfectly. This is what great granola should be: rustic and beautiful. It has an exciting texture. It’s natural, healthy, nutritious, and it tastes… “Crazy Good!” 

Palo Alto Firefighters Pepper Sauce
*local from Palo Alto

Palo Alto Firefighter Lee Taylor has been growing peppers in the fire station backyard since 1994. After each harvest he would make his famous and zesty pepper sauce- which quickly became a hot commodity.
Previously available only to firefighters in Palo Alto- now you can enjoy the fiery taste of Lee’s Pepper Sauce. Using the highest quality ingredients, Lee has crafted the simplest ingredient list full flavor sauce that stands on it’s own or plays well with other foods.
100% of proceeds go to Palo Alto Firefighters Charitable fund!


Sinto Gourmet Kimchi
(Available Flavors: Spicy Red Napa Cabbage and Mild White Napa Cabbage)
*local from San Francisco

Homemade Kimchi made with Napa Cabbage, a little bit of Daikon radish, and seasoned with red pepper powder to provide a spicy kick. Most ingredients are locally sourced. Handmade and naturally fermented, it is a truly wholesome food, good for anyone with diet restrictions (gluten free) and it’s vegan.


Chromatic Coffee Co.
(Available Flavors: Keynote Honey, Colombia Sugar Cane, and Brazil Jose’ Maria’s)
*local from San Jose

Thrillist’s top coffee company of the Bay Area in 2015. They have roasting profiles carefully designed to showcase the natural beauty and complexity in each variety and cultivar they select. The team culture is plucky, inclusive, and DIY. They source carefully and locally when possible. They constantly seek ways to contribute to the community.


Angkor Cambodian Food Raw Chrouk Metae Hot Sauce 
*local neighbor
(photo was taken during a Delucchi’s tasting event)

The Khmer culture of food is unforgettable to those that visit Cambodia. The amazing variety of broths, curries, relishes, roasted meats and dipping sauces are all part of the Khmer dining experience.Their products are created using traditional culinary techniques and spice combinations, to insure the flavors and textures deliver truly memorable Cambodian cooking and dining experiences for you.


Barefoot Coffee Roasters
(Available Flavors: The Heavy, The Beast, The Boss Espresso, and Redcab)
*local from Campbell in Santa Clara County

At Barefoot, they combine delicious culinary coffees with responsible sourcing. Their beans, Cold Brew coffee and cafe in Campbell (CA) have won awards from Food & Wine Magazine, Huffington Post, 7×7 among many others. 


Paul’s Haba Haba Mango Habanero Hot Sauce
*local from San Carlos

Paul’s Haba Haba Mango Habanero hot sauce is a mild-medium sauce blended with mango, mustard, and plenty of curry powder for an island inspired kick. Try it on pizza, fish, or burgers.




Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting
(Available Flavors: Santa Cruz Full City, Santa Cruz Dark, Steve’s Smooth French, Sweet Italian, and Organic Mexican)
 *local from Santa Cruz

For thirty years, Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting has been dedicated to achieving roasting perfection. Our small-batch roasting process is designed to bring out the finest subtleties from each of our premium quality coffee varietals. 


Counter Culture Coffee
(Available Flavors: Fast Forward, Forty-Six, Big Trouble, and Slow Motion)
*local from Emeryville

Since our founding in 1995, Counter Culture has been a relentless pursuit of coffee perfection through a dedication to real environmental, social, and fiscal sustainability and a commitment to creating cutting-edge coffee people.


Hermitage Beers:
*local from San Jose

Hermitage Citra

Tropical hop notes with citrus and a touch of pine. Dry finish and malty backbone. 
Hermitage Galaxy

A mellowed pineapple and tropical aroma is equally matched by its flavour right through the glass.
Hermitage 408 Session IPA

Bright hop notes of lemongrass, tangerine, and grapefruit. Medium body “session” beer.
Hermitage Psychedelic Dandelion

Spritzy, light bodied, dry, hoppy with champagne like qualities.