NEW Dry Aged Meat!

Now available at the meat counter: USDA choice New York steaks and USDA rib-eye steaks dry aged for 14 days!


You may be wondering, what is dry-aged meat and how does it differ from wet-aged meat? Here are a few answers we found from TheKitchn and BestFoodFacts:
If you have ever visited a high-end steakhouse there’s a good chance you had a dry-aged steak. Aging of meat helps to make the meat more tender which makes the dining experience more enjoyable. “Aging meat is the process of allowing time to pass so that enzymes can break down ultrastructural proteins, thus reducing the resistance to biting and chewing,” according to Dr. Ty Lawrence, who has a doctorate in meat science and is a professor of animal science at West Texas A&M University. Not only are the enzymes working on the muscle tissues during this time, but the meat is also slowly dehydrating. This concentrates the meat and changes the texture and flavor.
“During the dry aging process, the fats oxidize and subtly change in flavor. The lost moisture also causes a concentration of flavor, thus dry-aged meats most commonly have a more intense flavor profile,” according to Dr. Lawrence. The key benefits of this process are very tender meat with an intense flavor. Come on in and check out our NEWEST offering in our meat department!

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