Meet Yazmin, our online shopping specialist

When you shop online, Yazmin is one of the online shopping specialists who fulfills your order. After an online order comes in, Yazmin walks around the store and handpicks all the products. The produce is selected with extra care to make sure it is in pristine condition.
If there is a special request on the online shopping list, such as custom-cut meat, Yazmin calls the customer and walks them through the process of getting the meat cut for their needs. She personally talks to the butcher and relays the customer’s needs to make sure everything goes smoothly. If an item on the list was recently sold out, Yazmin calls the customer and recommends substitutions to the product. “We are very accommodating when it comes to the needs of our customers.” – Yazmin
Aside from your daily groceries, you can also order hot foods, specialty sandwiches, sushi, and more on our online shopping site. “We take care of them through the whole process until the order is done. When it’s time to pick up the order, we have special parking spots for pick-ups. The customer calls us and gives us their name, and we deliver it to their car. No contact necessary.” – Yazmin
According to Yazmin, there have been several times Delucchi’s staff would go the extra mile to accommodate customers. “One time, a customer called us because her car would not start, so we went ahead and delivered the order for her. Another time, one of our customers was in a bind because of family scheduling. We happened to have staff available, so we went ahead and delivered their groceries as well. – Yazmin
Although we don’t currently provide deliveries for online orders, give us a call. We will always try to accommodate and work something out!


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