Meet our Store Director, Abi!

Abi has been with Delucchi’s since our opening in October of 2014! She does a little bit of everything across the store. She focuses on bringing new products in, creating awesome deals and specials for customers, and much more. In her role, Abi is very hands-on and because of the diversity of her tasks she said she has grown and gained even more knowledge about how the supermarket business works.

She loves Delucchi’s because of the strong family vibe. Everyone at the store is like a family, and people are really close to each other. Abi states that, “Delucchi’s is run by a family for families!” According to Abi it really is a family store. They also have the same personal connection with their customers. She knows many customers by name, and their families too. She often asks how customers’ families are doing and what their needs are. Delucchi’s has built a deep relationship with its customers, and its evident in the vibe one feels when they visit the store.

Abi says that Delucchi’s is a destination for families in the area. And, as time flies by since the market opened 3 years ago,  families keep growing, and so does the Delucchi’s family.