Meet Rosa, our front clerk and customer service specialist!

You will see Rosa in the mornings and during lunch time. She loves talking to customers and making sure they get the personalized help they need. Read what Rosa has to say below!


Rosa’s thoughts:

I love our customers, especially the regulars who are very friendly and share a lot about their daily lives. They don’t just come and go. They stay and tell us their stories and ask us questions about the market, our products and so on. This experience is what creates a bond between us and the customers and we love listening to what they have to say.

I know most of our customers on a first name basis. I recall one time when I was helping a customer. She told me her daughter was coming home from college and she was going to cook beef stroganoff because it was her daughter’s favorite dish. We talked for awhile about recipes, children in college, ingredients and so forth. She said she will come back and tell me how it worked out. They usually come back and update us about how things went when they share their stories. Other times they will just express their excitement and tell us their stories about family events like, “I’m going be a grandmother” and so on. It’s exciting to hear their stories because they are sharing their experiences with us and it feels like we are all celebrating together.

A lot of families shop here and we just love interacting with everyone. We know them and they know us. That’s what creates a personalized shopping experience. We care about our customers and we’re building a community where we watch each others backs.

When customers don’t find what they are looking for, they simple tell us and we get it. We want Delucchi’s to be their main market. We’ll even offer to call a customer who really wants something that’s currently out of stock. Most customers will gladly leave their name and number and we promptly call them when we have the item back in stock. They appreciate it and we’re just happy we’re able to help get them the products they like.

Our customers come here to shop because there are times when Delucchi’s is the only place where they can find certain specialty products. We even have local products that are also family owned and operated just like Delucchi’s!