Meet Rhode, our Deli Supervisor!


Rhode shows how to make a delicious and healthy Acai Bowl!Watch here

As our deli supervisor, Rhode makes sure there are salad dressings and sauces available daily. She makes them from scratch for our sandwiches, wraps, salads, and so on. She is also responsible for the grab n’ go area and sees that it is always filled up with good food to go for you.
Rhode says what is important at the deli is great customer service and product quality. She adds, “We try to be creative and provide new items in the grab n’ go section regularly. Right now, the tri-tip salad and the chicken salad wrap are new.”
Rhode has many stories to share about the customers at Delucchi’s. When recalling one lady in particular, Rhode shares, “She comes in regularly to order a sandwich. She is allergic to mayonnaise and has specific dietary needs, which I am well aware of. Whenever she comes in, she looks for me because she knows I’ll take care of her.”
Another customer Rhode tells us about tried a salad from the grab n’ go area and loved the cilantro dressing Rhode made for it. Rhode says, “He started ordering a customized salad with the cilantro dressing and now I know exactly what he wants when I see him. He really appreciates that.”
Rhode goes on to say, “Getting to know our customers is great. We want our customers to keep coming back and enjoy ordering food from our deli. We create friendships with our customers and we just love getting to know them because we’re all neighbors here.”
Come on by and ask Rhode for a customized deli item!