Meet our Deli Manager, Maribel


As the deli manager, Maribel makes sure we have a great selection of freshly made and delicious items for our customers. We want items at the deli counter to be appealing and attractive. Everything needs to be prepped properly before we even open.

The deli counter is filled with ready to go meals perfect for lunch and dinner entrees and sides. Customers can quickly stop by and grab a full meal without the hassle of cooking it themselves.

You will always find something different and new at the deli because the menu changes twice a week. We keep rotating items so you won’t see the same items over and over. Everyone who shops at our deli counter can have a different dinner every night. Of course, you can expect to see a few customer favorites, too.

According to Maribel everything at the deli counter is fresh. Nothing stays longer than 2 days. Almost everything is made and prepared that morning.

How do they decide what’s featured at the deli counter? Maribel says that everything is a team effort. The team figures out what will sell best and tries to create dishes that customers will love. Even the recipes on the menu are a little bit of everyone’s recipe. The team comes up with ideas and put them all together. They share each other’s recipes for the deli counter.

“The customers love our salads and sandwiches. When we serve the customers we always give 100% (customer service) so they will come back.” – Maribel V.
Maribel loves working for Delucchi’s Market because it feels like family. She said everyone is nice and great. It’s a real neighborhood community we’re building here. Come on in and meet Maribel and the
rest of your committed deli team today.