Meet one of our supervisors, Veronica!

As one of our front-end supervisors, Veronica makes sure things run smoothly up front, especially at check out. Here are some thoughts from Veronica about a favorite part of her work at Delucchi’s: 

I love helping customers around the store and I want to make them feel comfortable when they shop at Delucchi’s. For example, I noticed when moms check out their toddlers try to touch everything near the cashier and can get a little impatient. This distracts the moms as they are trying to check out. So, I started handing out stickers to the little kids to keep them from getting impatient. It worked so well that I started putting stickers at each register and told the cashiers to start giving stickers to little kids that needs a distraction.

One time there was a little girl that was quiet and behaved so I didn’t give her a sticker. She was just watching me. Then, to my surprise, she handed me a sticker and told me it was for me. I was so touched I gave her a sticker, too. Now I’ve just started giving stickers to all the kids that visit Delucchi’s. Sometimes they give me a sticker back and I put it on my name tag. That’s why my name tag is full of stickers!

This has led to some kids coming in and asking, “Where’s Veronica?” They know I have stickers for them. I love when the kids come looking for me. I give them five stickers on each visit. One mom told me their child counts the stickers at home so he knows how many times he has visited Delucchi’s Market that week. The moms love this experience and some have told me how thankful they are.

I love to help in any way I can. I have built relationships with many of our customers. Some moms and families that come even know my 2 year old daughter’s name. I tell them stories about her. One day while off work, my daughter and I stopped by Delucchi’s to do some shopping. One family was playing in our little yard where the cow is. I introduced my daughter to them and they started playing together. It’s so nice to see the community come together and just get to know each other a little better. Some of the moms have even given my daughter toys and all kinds of fun stuff that my daughter loves! I’m grateful for their kindness.