Meet Nick from Produce!

Nick is our produce guy at Delucchi’s! He handles the produce loads and arranges the produce to make them look good and organized. So when our customers shop they would be able to pick the produce they want. 

“It’s all about presentation. We put a lot of work into it. We want to make it look as nice as possible for our customers.” – Nick M.

The first customer that comes in is treated the same as the last customer who leaves. That is why presentation, cleanliness, and freshness matters a lot at Delucchi’s produce department. Nick makes sure that there are no rotten fruits and vegetables at the produce department. Every morning he goes through them and does a clean sweep. And he does the same before he leaves for the day.

According to Nick a lot of Delucchi’s produce is sourced locally. He says, “almost every organic produce we have is from California. We also make sure that all the produce we sell are safe to eat and we stay on top of the news.” Nick said that during the romaine scare they made sure that all the romaine that came into Delucchi’s were sourced from the right area.

If you have any questions about our produce come on in and talk to Nick! He is always willing to help you.