Meet Ivan, our front-end supervisor!

Ivan has been with Delucchi’s since the day it opened in October of 2014. Ivan is our front-end store supervisor and you will usually see him in the afternoons and the evenings. He oversees nighttime operations and bookkeeping along with making sure customers get personalized customer service! He is also our dairy manager, which means he ensures our dairy department is stocked with a wide variety of specialty and local products.

According to Ivan, “I love the atmosphere of the store and the wonderful customers I encounter on a daily basis. I’ve grown so close to my co-workers and many of our regular customers that I consider Delucchi’s my second home.”

When customers come into Delucchi’s, Ivan wants them to experience friendly and personal service because that’s what creates a strong community. Ivan states, “I know many customers and their families by name and I would like to be on a first name basis with all our customers that come in to Delucchi’s. Our customers are greatly appreciated and I want them to feel it. I welcome all of our customers warmly. I also want our customers to give us honest feedback to help make Delucchi’s the best market it can be for the community.”

A few more thoughts from Ivan:

We have a regular customer who shops in the evenings who loves talking to Vlad, Orlando and me. She uses us as a sounding board for the highs and lows of her day to day life and I love that she feels comfortable enough to share her stories and thoughts. We have made her feel like we’re family and in return she has become a loyal customer over the past few years. I have also created lasting friendships with the employees that extend beyond the market.

The major difference we have from other grocery stores is we provide a friendlier and more personal level of customer service. We are very attentive to our customers’ needs and suggestions. We also try to bring in special items that customers request to make Delucchi’s their destination store. It brings me joy when customers leave satisfied with their experience at Delucchi’s and to know that I played a part in their shopping experience.

I hope to maintain the close-knit family oriented atmosphere here. I want to draw more clients to Delucchi’s so they can also experience the “homey” feeling that our customers feel every day. I’m excited to see how the new changes in the deli increase business and make our store more popular.

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