Love Ice Cream? Check These Out

Delucchi’s Ice Cream Choices

We have a wide variety of unique ice cream choices in our store. Here are a couple to choose from:


My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream- $6.19

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream gives all ice cream lovers a new way to experience their favorite frozen treat. 
Their fun, poppable, and delicious mochi ice cream is made from the best ingredients. It is their mission to help families discover the delicious treats of the Japanese culture without having to leave the comforts of home.

Coolhaus – $4.59

The popular ice cream truck is now available in stores. They use organic ingredients such as organic California avocados and Lemon Rosemary Olive Oil cookies to create the perfect treat. 

Organic Coconut Bliss – $6.99

Inspired by the many uses of coconut milk in other cuisines, Luna and Larry decided to try it as a base for ice cream. Working with a simple, hand-crank ice cream maker, they came up with the perfect recipe: organic coconut milk sweetened with agave. They began to play with unique flavor combinations, sharing their new creations.

So Delicious – $6.49

So Delicious Dairy Free has been bringing joy to dairy-free lives for nearly 30 years. We offer an array of delicious dairy-free delights that you can feel good about sipping, biting, pouring, scooping, licking and chugging throughout your day. From our robust allergen-testing program to the innovative work we do creating products made with high-quality ingredients.

Gelato by Naia – $9.99

They have been crafting original, unique, and always delicious gelato since 2002. Over the years they have churned a range of  flavors from Absinthe to Zuppa Inglese!

McConnell’s Ice Cream – $7.99

Three generations in, the ice cream company TIME Magazine called “the best in the world”, operates according to the same standards Mac and Ernie established almost 70 years ago.