Introducing our deli clerk, Monica!

Meet our cheese specialist, Monica!

Monica Merino is our cheese specialist at Delucchi’s. Ask her anything about our cheese island! She puts together your catering orders, cooks the meals for our hot food to go section, and prepares deli counter items. She has contributed a lot to the growth of Delucchi’s. She has been here since we first opened our doors in 2014!

Being part of the Delucchi’s Market family, Monica is proud and happy to see how much the store has grown. She gets motivated by seeing the positive comments from our customers. “Seeing our customers happy makes us happy!”- Monica

During break time you can find Monica at the outdoor tables enjoying her lunch. She said that eating outside gives her a chance to talk to customers and neighbors and get to know them. Monica says, “Our customers really touch me because they are very nice and they say my salad and recipes are delicious! I am delighted to hear that!”

Monica likes to create delicious items for the deli. A few of the recipes she has contributed are chicken salad, egg salad, tuna salad, and deviled eggs. 

Here at Delucchi’s we live by the Golden Rule and treat our customers and neighbors the way we want to be treated. That is why our employees will go out of their way to serve our customers in whatever way possible. We want to build strong ties with the neighborhood and give back the love we receive in loyal patronage.

We hope you have enjoyed getting a closer look at one of our valuable team members. We appreciate all that Monica does for us, and for you. Please say hi to her the next time you’re in the store!