Get to know Vlad our front-end supervisor!


Vlad is our front-end supervisor and he’s been with Delucchi’s for 3 years. Here’s what Vlad has to say about his experience at the market, “I like the people at Delucchi’s and I think the whole crew works well together. Everyone is super friendly, and always customer oriented. I always look forward to seeing our customers.

The work environment is inviting and fun. I also really like the actual store. It’s a beautiful market. I like how it’s a family owned business and that it’s an independent neighborhood market where we get to add our personal touches.”

Most of the people that work at Delucchi’s live in the surrounding neighborhood. They walk to work all the time. Here at Delucchi’s we hire locals, we purchase from local businesses, and we sell local products. That is why our motto is “Local still matters”. We are a family-owned and operated business for families.

According to Vlad, when customers come in the store he wants them to experience top notch customer service and discover quality products. He also wants them to experience the friendly and inviting shopping experience we offer here at Delucchi’s. Vlad says, “I provide this by going the extra mile for our customers. For example, when customers with disabilities ask for more accessible cart locations, we leave some close to the handicap parking spots so they won’t have difficulty getting a cart.”

At Delucchi’s we truly care about our community and our neighborhood. We always want to do what’s best for our neighbors. Vlad says, “Customers feel comfortable enough with me to open up about their personal lives and I’ve even had customers invite me to their birthdays and BBQ’s outside of work. This speaks to the friendliness and openness of our staff.”

Another thing that makes Delucchi’s Market different as stated by Vlad, “We offer a lot of products that are hard to find in big chain stores. We strive to bring in new trending products and be very responsive to customer requests. For example a customer was asking for us to bring in a specific brand of bread for French toast because his daughter eats it every morning. So we went and found that product and now sell it.”

Vlad invites you to not be shy and let us know if you ever need anything or want something you don’t see. Our goal is to passionately serve our customers to make Delucchi’s your favorite market! Be sure to say hi to Vlad when you come in again. Vlad and the whole team look forward to seeing you soon