Get to know our butcher, Teo!

We recently sat down with our butcher, Teo, to learn more about him and his work at Delucchi’s. Here’s what he had to say below.

How did you become a butcher? What made you want to pursue this career?

One day I was just looking for a job and I pretty much decided to get any job that was offered to me at the moment. That job turned out to be a helper in the meat department of a different upscale grocery store. As I saw the butchers cutting meat, I noticed how passionate and precise they were when it came to the details. They were very skilled and everything looked so artistic. I wanted to try it.
I told them I wanted to become a butcher, I asked them to train me. I never thought I would like it so much. Surprisingly, I discovered something that I love doing. I turn these pieces of meat into art. For me being a butcher is an art. That’s how I see it and that’s how it is.

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

Aside from cutting meat. I love interacting with customers at Delucchi’s. I love educating them about different cuts of meat and marinades. I even tell them how to cook specific cuts. I’m happy when I see the smile on their faces when they come back and tell me how well my suggestions worked for them.

What do you love about Delucchi’s? 

When I first applied at Delucchi’s I felt a very welcoming feeling. I immediately felt like I was already part of their team. The environment here is really warm. It’s a small company but they treat us like family. I love seeing the market grow and my goal is to make the meat department a top destination for our customers to keep coming back.

What makes Delucchi’s Market meat department different? 

If you don’t see a cut you want, or a type of marinated meat you like in the display case, just ask us and we will make it for you. What you see in the display case is not all we have. We have plenty more to offer. Just let us know what type of recipe you are trying to achieve and we will do the special cut for you, add the marinade, stuffing, or whatever else is necessary to make the dish you want. We are here ready to help and we love talking to our customers. We specialize in personalized customer service, so talk to us and we will make it happen for you.

What’s your favorite meat cut? 

Ribeye!! I’m a ribeye guy. I love cutting ribeyes. Removing the bone, seeing how the primal piece looks, it’s beautiful. Plus, it is also one of my favorite steaks.

What’s popular in the meat department right now? 

Our heart shaped ribeyes! Perfect for Valentine’s Day. I cut them into heart shapes and when they cook they will still be heart shaped. Also, one of our popular meats at the moment is our Picanha, it’s a Brazilian term, but in America we call it a top sirloin petite steak.

What’s your favorite marinades, or steak sauce? 

I use Santa Maria seasonings a lot. I also display them by the meat department counter so when people ask about marinades it’s convenient to grab them. As for steak sauces, I don’t use steak sauce. All our meats at Delucchi’s are fresh! When meat is fresh it is full of flavor and you don’t need any steak sauce to add more flavor to it. Also, sometimes steak sauce covers the natural flavors of the meat. That’s why I don’t like using sauces. If you cook meat properly and if i’s fresh, it’s delicious!