Get to know one of our supervisors, Diego!

Diego Sanchez is one of our supervisors. He’s also the son of two of our owners, Enrique and Patty Sanchez. Diego says that the employees and customers at Delucchi’s create a warm and welcoming feeling within the neighborhood which makes for a strong community full of support and friendliness. “We want to continue to grow and earn the trust of our community. I want people to know that we’re here for them all throughout the pandemic because we’re all in this together. Hearing the support from our customers expressing thankful words encourages us to do better and work harder.”
Furthermore, with the extra precautions and cleaning they are doing all over the market, customers can have peace of mind knowing their groceries are being handled and inspected properly. Diego says, “As a human being during this pandemic, you want to know where your items are coming from. Who’s handling it? Who’s putting it out on the floor? As a local neighborhood grocery store we are able to control those things and keep a close eye on the cleanliness of our store and our products to help stop the spread.”

This is a poster recently made by our customers to show their appreciation.

He goes on to talk about the dedication of his parents to the market and the community. “Ever since the first day of shelter in place my parents have gone to the market every single day. They are here making sure both employees and customers feel safe when they’re inside the market. When they come home they still have the energy to hang out and spend time with my siblings and me. I don’t know how they have the energy to come into the market everyday and still be able to spend time with us. That’s why I love helping out my parents. I want to be there for them because I know they are working really hard for me, my siblings, and the community who shops at Delucchi’s.”
We hope you’ve enjoyed our conversation with Diego and the insights he’s shared. To learn more, come on in and talk to us! We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on how we can make your neighborhood market a better place for our community. Stay safe and healthy!