Get to know our new deli clerk, Annel!


Annel is our new deli clerk and she lives right in the surrounding neighborhood. She likes being a part of Delucchi’s because according to her, “I like how my co-workers and I get along like a family.” Annel also loves inviting her neighbors to come shop at Delucchis because of the warm shopping experience. She also points out how most of the employees are bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English. 

As a deli clerk, Annel puts effort into creating the sandwiches. She believes that you should treat others the way you would like to be treated and that’s why she makes the sandwiches at Delucchi’s with extra care and effort. One of her favorite sandwiches is “The Produce Guy” because it’s delicious and all the ingredients are fresh. 

Annel has also contributed to the deli counter. The Asian chicken salad you see in our deli counter is Annel’s very own recipe. What inspired her to create her own recipe? Annel said that she loves eating Asian chicken salad, and after having tasted multiple Asian chicken salads, she created her own recipe with her own twist and a secret ingredient. All the ingredients she uses are fresh. 

She loves sharing her favorite dishes with the customers and she looks forward to making more recipes for the store. Come on in and try a deli sandwich made lovingly by Annel, and be sure to take home some of her Asian chicken salad, too!