Get to know our daytime supervisor, Jessica!

Jessica is our day time supervisor and can see her around Delucchi’s stocking the shelves, ringing you up on the cash register, and helping customers around the store!

She has been working at Delucchi’s Market for over a year now and she lives around the neighborhood. Jessica loves the friendly neighborhood vibe that Delucchi’s has. She also enjoys helping her neighbors do their grocery shopping. Her huge focus is customer service. Jessica wants all of the customers/all of our neighbors to leave happy and return happy.

“A lot of our customers return to Delucchi’s because they are happy with the customer service we give them! People shop here because they don’t get the same quality customer service and attention from other large super markers and grocery stores. We’re a smaller store so we have a more personal and friendly environment. They’re not just our customers, but they’re our neighbors too. ” – Jessica A.

According to Jessica, you will notice that a lot of the employees at Delucchi’s are friends with the customers. That’s because the staff has grown to know our customers and their shopping preferences. It’s more than just customer service!