Fresh Bread Delivered Daily!

Starting January 3, 2018 we will be selling Semifreddi’s handcrafted bread and it will be delivered to Delucchi’s Market every day! Come on in and get some fresh bread.

About Semifreddi’s: 
A local San Francisco Bay Area family bakery! In 1984 Semifreddi’s opened the doors to a 450-square-foot bakery in Kensington, California with one sourdough recipe, four products and a commitment to bake and deliver world-class, hand-made bread daily. Now they utilize over 25 different recipes and bake more than 50 different breads and pastries. In a typical week, they bake around 180,000 loaves of bread and 30,000 pastries at their “world” headquarters in Alameda. By the way, “their world” is the San Francisco Bay Area.

Baking is their passion. Providing you with the freshest and highest quality breads and pastries at a reasonable price is their goal. They search the world for the finest ingredients; fennel from India, flour from Idaho (yes, Idaho is its own country), sesame from India and Central America, poppy seeds from Australia, cinnamon from Indonesia, and vanilla from Madagascar. They are and always will be self-proclaimed bread and pastry nerds.