Father’s Day Meat Guide

Our meat department is ready for your Father’s Day needs! Ready-to-grill marinated meats, custom cuts, vegan meat and more are all available! Below are just a few of the tasty selections we have to make Father’s Day a winner.


Marinated Meats

We have a wide variety of marinated meats such as sirloin wine and garlic marinade, pork loin fillet applewood smoked bacon marinade, pork tenderloin honey sriracha marinade, tri-tip roast santa maria marinade, and many more! They are all ready to grill for Father’s Day.


Vegan Meats

Our vegan meat choices have expanded!
We now carry Beyond sausages and Beyond beef. Imagine weekend favorites like burgers and tacos delivering the juicy, delicious taste you know and love, all while being plant-based and vegan. With taste so rich and texture so meaty, you won’t believe it’s made from plants. We also have more vegan choices, come on in and talk to us to learn about our full selection.