Charge Your Car With Our New Charging Stations


We have partnered up with EVgo to charge your electric cars. Our west parking lot can charge up to  4 electric cars. 

We want to make driving an electric vehicle just as easy as driving any other car while saving you money wherever possible.

Each station has two different car outlets. Different electric cars have different sockets. It’s simple to use. Here are 2 ways to charge your electric car:

1. Enroll with a EVgo plan. After enrolling in a plan they will give you a key card to swipe every time you come in to charge your car. 
You can view EVgo charging plans at their website

2. Call for a one time payment. Want to test it out first? Just call them when you’re at the charging station for a one time payment. Their number is located by the key card swiper. Or call them now at 877-494-3833. 

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