A Feast For The Eyes and Taste Buds

Both “cheese boards” and “charcuterie” have been around for centuries. It’s a miracle that it has taken this long for “charcuterie boards” to appear! But it is easy to see why they have become so popular in recent years. The artistic displays turn both small and large gatherings into elegant feasts, combining various meats, cheeses, nuts, fruits, olives, and other complementing cocktail snacks.

Are you planning a holiday get-together? Or would you like to create a custom gift? Delucchi’s Market has everything you need to build your own festive spread of artisan goods, including the plain boards with which to start your creative journey! Cheese expert, Monica, is available to help customize your choices. She also has some small, pre-assembled charcuterie boards ready to go, with some of her favorite combinations.

Delucchi’s Market’s specialty cheese collection is carefully compiled from local dairies and producers around the world. Bob, our wine expert, can help you select wines to perfectly complement your choices.

Our wide range of specialty items- and staff experts to help you customize your selections- is just another reason why Delucchi’s is better. We would love to help you plan your holiday celebration!