7 Tips to Save Money on your Grocery Shopping!

1. Plan your meals

Make a little schedule of what you will be cooking. This will help with buying just the right amount of food. Plan meals based on coupons and deals. Also, try to incorporate the ingredients into multiple meals so you don’t waste produce, dairy and other perishables.

2. Make a grocery list

Walking into the grocery store with no plan or list of things to buy can lead to impulse shopping… which leads to spending way more than you should.

3. Check out the Sales & Specials

It never hurts to see what’s on sale. Check if the grocery store has any coupons available too.

4. Store food correctly

When you get home after a day of grocery shopping, take the time to store them away correctly. Buying a whole week’s worth of food only to toss half of it in the garbage because it went bad too soon doesn’t save you money.

5. Lessen food waste

The best way to save money on grocery shopping is to waste less. Find ways to use food scraps before you toss them to the compost pile. Like saving the bones and trimmings of a chicken to make chicken stock. Same goes for vegetables, carrot peels and broccoli stalks are a great way to flavor your broth. Freeze these items to use for the next meal.

6. Freeze more

Freeze more food to waste less. Anything can be frozen as long as they are stored properly. Use the proper freezer seal bags, or a vacuum sealer. Don’t let anything go to waste. Save it for next time by freezing them.

7. Read unit prices

If you’re not sure which product to pick check the price tag, you will see a price per ounce. This is the best way to compare prices between brands. The 12-Oz bag of chips just looks bigger than the 16-Oz. Read unit prices to find out which brand has the best deal.