5 Steak Tips from Experts!

Forbes compiled the best advice from chefs and experts for cooking a great steak. Here’s a summary to help you achieve that mouthwatering steak at home.

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1. Start With The Right Cut 

When it comes to cooking red meat, thicker is better. Thickness is a primary reason why filet mignon remains such a popular cut despite being less flavorful meat. The perfect steak is seared outside and rare in the center, and that is just a lot easier to do with thicker steaks.

2. Start With The Right Meat

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3. Use Really High Heat

There are many different ways to cook steak, from gas and charcoal grills to frying pans to oven broilers to wood burning pizza ovens. But no matter which you choose, you want to go hot. Let the pan get very hot before the steak goes in, sitting empty on high heat for at least 5-minutes, then add the steak for the perfect sear.

4. Over-Season

When it comes to steaks, aggressively coat the outside with your seasoning of choice, from basic salt (flaky or coarse sea salt) and pepper (always use fresh ground peppercorns!) to more complex spice rubs. The seasoning will help you develop the seared crust you want.

5. Let It Rest

Letting the steak sit for at least 5, and ideally, 10-minutes between cooking and serving improves the taste. Resting allows the exterior to cool enough to start drawing the juices more evenly throughout the steak.


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