3 Ways to Celebrate 4th of July

1. BBQ

Get grilling this weekend! We have lots of meat on SALE such as beef ribeye tomahawk steak, pork spare ribs, beef burger patties and more. Scroll down to view our specials.
We also have a wide variety of marinated meats ready to grill. Or, request a custom cut. Don’t forget we also provide Blue Rhino propane to power your grill. Learn more about it here.
Also, check out these 6 hot dog recipes to add to your 4th of July fun! Watch our videos below for some tips and tricks!

2. Picnic

Enjoying a nice Summer picnic this 4th of July at a park or at a beach? Stop by our deli department first for some specialty sandwiches or fresh acai bowls. Also drop by our cheese department for mini cheese plates which Monica has specially arranged. In the photo above, Monica is holding some of the ready to go cheese plates.
Pair your cheese plate with split size wines also known as half bottles of wine in our wine department. This is wine that can fit easily in your picnic basket. Or ask Bob for the perfect wine to pair with your cheese.


3. Party

Throwing a 4th of July party and having guests over? Or attending a 4th of July party to celebrate with family and friends? Our catering department can definitely whip something up for you! From a kid’s party tray to a sandwich tray, lahvosh tray, cheese platter, vegetarian platter, and more. View our catering menu here. Or, give us a call at 650-216-7600 to place your catering orders of any size! We are here to make it easy for you.