7 Items our Employees Love & Recommends!

We asked our employees what their favorite items are! Here’s a list of 7 items they love and enjoy.

Bob's Fave: Adrianna vineyard River Stones Vino

"I have lots of favorite wines, but at the moment, I like Adrianna Vineyard River Stones Vino Malbec; because of its smooth tannins, it's perfect for the holidays." - Bob

Monica's Fave: Le Fromager Brie

"Brie is my favorite cheese and Le Fromager has the most delicious and creamiest brie!" - Monica

Nick's Fave: Sushi

"I love the fresh sushi. I eat it almost daily on my lunch break, making my way through all the different types we offer." - Nick

Lorenzo's Fave: Carne Asada

"Carne Asada is my go-to meal. It's very easy to cook and it's tasty. We carry it in our meat department marinated or plain." - Lorenzo

Vlad's Fave: Burritos

"For my lunch breaks, I usually go to the burrito bar for a burrito or a burrito bowl. I love that I can customize them any way I want." - Vlad

Rhode's Fave: Tri-tip Bean Salad

"The tri-tip bean salad is my fave. I'm also the one that prepares it!" - Rhode

Carlo's Fave: New York steak

"Because it's GOOD!!" - Carlos